Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2003-02-20 18:11:38 (UTC)


So today I finaly went to the Army Careers place in Leeds.
I was quite nervous at first because there were huge men
with bulging biceps and were, I'm sure serious fighting
men. I waited an hour then it was my turn :S they were
really nice though. They told me evrthing I wanted to know
and talked me through everything. The guy I was taking to
wished my luck on my exams and told me I was doing a wise
thing by staying on to 6th form, before joining up. Thanks
guy :D I don't think anyones said good luck to me, besides
the teachers but they say that to everyone so they can get
a pay rise.
It was busy-that's the main reason why I had to wait an
hour. Grr....but it was worth it.
Every 5 minutes the RAF guy kept yelling "Anyone for the
RAF"....because no one wanted to sign up for the RAF. lol.
It's not funny, I just thought it was at the time.
I don't think anyone wanted to join because those jumpers look itchy.
But, he was good looking so he gets away with it.

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