Sarah's Journal
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2001-09-27 15:12:20 (UTC)

hi ho hi ho it's off the work I go

Hi. it's 11:11 AM. I have to work now. grrrr. I'm
thinking of starting an online journal elsewhere because I
am not sure that I like this one. I like Missy's. I don't
know. Anyhow, I just had what was actually good college
food (I'm serious!). It was a grilled chicken sandwich
with barbeque sauce. Yum. I'm going to eat my barbeque
chips and drink my root beer now. Then I'll study for my
rock and roll test. Yeah, it's actually today. I'm not
wrong this time. Hey, I'm sick of getting junk email, so
email me at [email protected] something nice or funny.
Personal, not forward. Please. Make my day :-D
Lots of love,

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