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2003-02-20 16:38:58 (UTC)

oh god i am so... confused. i..

oh god i am so... confused. i dont know what the hell i am
supposed to do now. she left me, she broke up with me, her
with the golden hair and blue eyes and warmth. she is not
mine any more. she doesnt want to belong to anyone. dont
cry because its over, smile because it happened. bullshit.
i dont even know if i feel sad or not, because i've been
half wanting to leave her ever since she told me she fucked
him. there are so many thought whirling around in my head
now, nothing will come together into a halfway coherent
sentence, and that hurts worst of all. yes, i am crying
inside, incase you wanted to know or care sheena. i hate
you. thats the simple truth. i hate you. not the least bit
sorry if i stabbed you in the back, you did it to me first
when you opened your legs and closed your mind. you did it
to yourself. you did it to me. you forged the knife i stick
into your spine. dont blame me.

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