American Princess

Chaos in Our Every Day Lives
2001-09-27 14:22:11 (UTC)

I've Become What I Hate...Again!

I've become a sellout...all the art students here carry
little tool/tackle boxes around with their supplies around
in them. I have always said that they were the egotistical
ones that want everyone to know that THEY are artists, and
yesterday I broke down and bought one...$9.99 of wasted
money. Well, not COMPLETELY wasted, cause it is quite useful
in carrying all my art shit around rather than have it
spread about in the bag or on the floor of my room. Guess
the egotistical trendy artsy farts may know what they're
talking about. Oh well...yet again I was wrong. Big shocker
So yesterday my dad calls me, and he says "I've been trying
to get in touch with's been in a car accident!" My
initial reaction was that of shock, since I assumed she was
laying in a hospital somewhere. Turns out she's ok, but the
car is totalled! Her new car! A '99 Saturn Coupe! My dad
said when he went to the towing place to get her CDs and
stuff out of the car, it was completely smashed on the
passenger's amazing all she has is a scratch on
her arm. Her guardian angel was definitely with her that
day. Please keep your prayers with her if you're religious,
cause she's afraid to drive again. If you're not religious,
well, just cross your fingers! heehee...
I swear, I don't know where fall was here for
about a week and a half and now suddenly BAM! Winter! Well,
maybe not snow or anything (yet) but the winds make shivers
go down your spine!
Last night I had a wonderful night...Hardly any work to be
done, and I had the room to myself! My room mate took her
peer mentor group out bowling, so I got to chill in my own
room by myself. Now, don't get me wrong, cause I love my
room mate, but anyone you live with gets on your nerves
every once in awhile. So anyways, it was just completely
wonderful to RELAX! I haven't had a night to relax for a
long time...and I'm only 19!!! That's just sad...oh well