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2003-02-20 14:46:56 (UTC)


I never thought that I would be sitting in an office.
Working at a bottom of the barrell wasting away.

I am tired of this. I always thought that right after
highschool I would be on my way to University sitting in a
classroom studying in a dorm room... I guess that in my
naive mind I never thought about the money. I never thought
that my parents would not have set aside money for me to
use for education..

I never thought that I would really be working at a job
that I hate surrounded by others who hate their job.

It is not fair and it makes me said if only I had thought
about it I would have been able to set myself up to be
disappointed. I am so disappointed in myself and often I
think that my mother is disappointed in me as well but she
didn't plan ahead either did she? So I guess that I can be
disappointed in her to.