Visions Of Life
2001-09-27 13:22:04 (UTC)

Quick Statement..

Okay.. the other day I went a little overboard over Bush..
I still dislike him with a flaming passion.. have since
before the election.. I think he is kind of evil.. but not
because of this war thing.. its more of a bad feeling..
hard to explain... anyways.. I decided that Bush is just
doing what the majority of America wants.. (88% i think).
So I guess that makes us americans the ignorant, evil
ones.. hmmm... All Bush is trying to do is ensure his re-
election.. Now, if we do not go to war over this terrorism
thing and we do not attack innocent Afghans, then I might,
i say might support Bush and quit talking shit. I will
never be a republican but I will be nicer..

*laughs* Me? A republican? lol.. Damn.. Im waaaay to liberal and
screwballish(is that a word?) The entire republican party would have
a hanging party with me as the guest of honor! damn..