Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-02-20 13:56:52 (UTC)

Hey Thursdays News

What a day i did fuck all just woke up at 6 did breaky
came home watched the goonies whell it still hasn't
changed i fell asleep again and i laughed when i saw corey
feldman how dumb

yes anyways went back to work another quiet night boring
got home after work put my new copy of american pie on
watched it and relived the dream of shagging shannon
elizabeth anyways lifes just crusing on i think maybe i
need to lose some weight like heeps cos its been a while
since this man got one so i have decieded to lose the
chunks for the ladies if you have arguements against that
get over it

i am gunna start a little thing i got from disturbing
behavior music of choice and drug of choice

todays music of choice: Machine Gun Fellatio - Pussytown
(i am in need)

Drug Of Choice: Bourbon i need bourbon donations can be
made just ask me for my address

anyways i am bored still i need new ideas the rains
pelting down

oh yeah if anyone knows the bloke driving the black with
green flames shit box of a accent here in hamilton do me
the favour and tell him it is a shitbox and i will go him
he just kept looking at me all day whenever i drove past
him so i will take him in my little excel

becky sell me your torana

mber go out with me

mat if you read this i didn't mean that

i am loving my job if you are ever in the hamilton area
just drop into the grangeburn motor inn and ask for me i
will cook for you

anyways lettermans finished means better go to bed have a
great one all till i see you next

catch Mick

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