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2001-09-27 13:09:50 (UTC)

I can move past my painful first marriage

I can move past my painful first marriage. I can.
I have received the help from three charming gentlemen.

The first is Stephan. He started to e-mail me via
a webtv discussion group. He lives in Texas. I plan to go and meet him.

The next is Robert. He lives in Illinois as I do.
Not in Chicago, but not far from it. He has already won my heart. He is so sweet and reminds me of a old high school beau I had by the same name.
We plan to meet each other downtown in Chicago.

The other is Untouched Confessions. He and I met one another via OD. He commented on one of my entries and is very nice. He is a college student.

These three charming gentlemen have helped me to heal from a terribly painful first marriage. It was so painful I do not know why I remarried two other times after that.

I loved my second ex and my late husband to some degree. But the first ruined it for me.

My relationship with my current beau is losing its romance. He works, is too tired, and not to mention our sex life is lacking. Sigh!

I have the next two days of businest.

I am looking for new friends of all ages.
Age is nothing but a pair of numbers to me.
So fall in.

I am a National Socialist with a Christian Identity. I am proud to be a "White" American.

Love, AmericanIrishRose

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