2001-09-27 12:05:08 (UTC)


i am better. im returning to school, and i KNOW im going to
be overloaded. i predict i become run-down and get sick
again. it was an enjoyable two days being sick. i know im
wierd. the sick part wasn't the enjoyable part, DUH! it was
the solitude!!! other than that nothing much has happened.
im glad i got to sleep, read alot, and just think about
things. i still havent heard from liz. i hope shes alright
and things are goin better for her then they are for me. i
wish she'd write, i wanna know whats goin on. but i dont
always get what i want now do i? (rhetorical question) roxy
got mad at me last night at band when i asked her how nick
was. i just dont understand. she finally gets the chance to
have a boyfriend, which she complains about all the time,
cause she's never had a boyfriend, and she doesnt take up
the chance and get to know the poor guy. i just dont see it.
i dont see me getting involved in a relationship here soon.
there just isnt anyone out there for me. i dont know, it
must be me, or it could be everyone else. can i be too
complicated? you know what made me feel good? last night i
had a dream i went up to an ATM and i withdrew twenty
dollars. well, first my twenty came out, then a 500. i was
like, SHIT! well, all these 100's, 200's, 500's, 10's, 20's,
50's...i was a rich man. i was like SHIT! only i wish that
would happen in real life. maybe then i could get a
girlfriend...well tonight i get to see my really sweet
megan. oh man, she's so hott. lol. (i have no chance) or
maybe i do?

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