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2003-02-20 10:01:28 (UTC)

My family have been watching..

My family have been watching HongKong film. There are 2
couples. They are close friends. They often play sports
together. Gia Han and QuyetDong, Skipt and her husband!
Gia Han is a housewife, Quyet Dong's, Skipt's jobs are
Negotiation, They work same place! Skipt's husband is a
police. Because QuyetDong is often busy at work so, His
wife is often stay at home alone and feel so lonely!
QuyetDong bought a jogging machine for his wife but she
does not want it! Because she wants QuyetDong's time for
her more! But QuyetDong does not know her thought and
feeling! He just thinks that he loves his wife and bought a
jogging machine to show his love! Skipt is often busy at
work like QuyetDong. perhaps, they work same place and
their duties are same! When Skipt's husband wants to travel
somewhere with Skipt but Skipt tells she is not free as
always! and QuyetDong is too! When GiaHan wants to go
somewhere with her, Quyetdong's answer is being busy as
often! If he goes with his wife to a theatre. He falls
asleep. this makes his wife unhappy! and perhaps, because
of being busy at work so much and QuyetDong does not have
much time for his wife so, Her wife feel bored and sad!
Once All those 2 couples broil meat outside on a trip!
GiaHan confidents with Skipt's husband when Skipt and
Quyetdong are not there with them. and finally, GiaHan is a
concubine of Skipt's husband! when Giahan's husband and
Skipt are sleeping. GiaHan talks online with Skipt's
husband at night!
On Other night, Skipt woke up and did not see her husband
next to her. She went out of the bed and came to her
husband's work-room. She did not see her husband there. But
she saw his computer is still turned on. She came nearer
and saw "I Love You" words from A buddy named Mary! At that
time, Her husband came in. He answered His friends often
joke and say I Love You, I need you..etc.. when Skipt asked
who said that! because she believes her husband so, she
does not keep that in her mind! But until Skipt and her
husband on the home way. She said to her husband,