2001-09-27 11:45:51 (UTC)

its funny when youre..

its funny when youre conditioned to know what NOT to ask.
no matter how much you want to know.
you know you really dont.
and you know what youre thinking that pisses you off.
probably isnt even half of it..
its weird to me.
all of this.
foreign in a way.
and still so fucking familiar i feel at home.
and its horrible.
and its beautiful.
and i just want to cry.
but i dont do that anymore.
not about important stuff.
and life is still going on.
sergio leaves tomorrow.
shaun is still gone.
shards gone in a way. but not physically.
he just does way too many drugs now...

you make me feel so irrational.
for caring about you...
and youre

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