D-RoCk's Memoirs
2003-02-20 08:20:09 (UTC)

I hate statistics

Dear Diary,
Right now i should be cramming hard for my fat midterm that
i have in statistics tomorrow. Not really going to
happen. Instead i went to a b-ball game tonight with Doris
& a few of her friends. SOrry for not writting in a
while. Ive just been busy doing other shit & i dont have
any time to go on the internet anymore. I cant really say
all that has happened since i last wrote, but i can kind of
breif it up in a couple of sentences. Met a girl named
doris at a berkely party 3 weeks ago. Went on a date with
her last week, & am probually going to go out to a movie
with her this weekend. Shes a real nice girl. I think
that it should be fun. anyway i have to get back to
crammin. Hopefully ill write again with in the next month.


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