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of the last
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2003-02-20 08:20:06 (UTC)


im really surpirsied i managed to actually type my password
to this considering im oabout to hit 20 shots for the
night, samn that a lot. i wish i had low tolerence so it
wouldat cost so much. yea so tomorrow im gonna try and just
see winnie while her parents are gone, cause shes anb
amazing;ly wonderfull girl, and i love her with al me
heart. wow,,i justn assed 20 shots for the night and im
pretty friggin buzzed. i mean obviosly i cant ype
regualrly unless i really try, but that requires effort
which im not willing to p[ut forth. so now winnie is my
longest relationship ever, and thinking about it makes me
know why. that girl iws the most amazing girl i have ever
met and ever will meet. shes is like epitome of love an all
that comes with it. well i cant really coherently type
anythgin mroe so ill update again later i hopre. goodnigth


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