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2003-02-20 07:43:35 (UTC)

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I'm out of it tonight. Kinda depressed again. I was down
last night and I am again. I don't know why really. My
day wasn't too bad. I do have stuff to do for tomorrow.
I need to paint the rest of the logo and scan it. That
will take a little time. It is due tomorrow.

I also have a rough draft of a sonnet due tomorrow. I
have maybe a third of it done. i will work on it a little
before bed and try to get up early. I tried to get up
early this morning. My alarm went off at 7 and I decided
to not get up, but wait till my usual time 8. I did get
up at 8 and got what I needed done.

My print magazine cover wasn't good enough so i have to
work on it and resubmit it next week. We presented the ad
to the client and I noticed some problems with mine. SOme
major ones so I don't think I did so well. I hope I still
managed to get a B on it. It could be a C though. They
were stupid easy things to fix.

S said she might call me later. I hope she feels up to
it. I missed her last night. She wasn't online. We are
talking on the phone now. Yipee!!!

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