Censored For Your Pleasure
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2001-09-27 10:52:20 (UTC)


There was a change in the air. THings had started yo go all
nice, well nicer anyway. I had found more then what I knew.
But now I have let mysef slip back to where I was before.
Now there is more confusion. But now I don't even know if I
want a change. It's strage really. I don't like this
confusion. It was funny yesterday, I manages to fill my
mind with two parts of it and stay neutral for most of the
day. It's annoying. I think I need to meet new people again
or something. Maybe not, oh well.

City tomorrow and fire twirlers! I get to stay in ther till
the last train now :) My mum rocks! Can't say much for my
dad though but I'll just go back to avoiding him like I
used to :). It's all good when I don't c him, he doesn't
stuff things up :).

Shanes party thing on sat. Could be fun, might get waisted,
though it's me so who really knows.

*sigh* Arrrg, I seem to get confused about the same sort of
thing most of the time. It changes every now and again with
what's goin on in the world but mostly it's the same. I may
work it out oneday, but even then I don't know if I could
ever be sure.

I'm bored, confusing stuff get's boring to think about. I
need something new, I REALLY need soemthing new. Maybe
these holiday will bring something? Only about a week to
go. Hurry up newness :)

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