2001-09-27 10:21:44 (UTC)

Looks Like Fall

he weather has changed right around and now it is cool and
cloudy with showers. It's starting to look more like fall.
Our bed now has an extra blanket and I've made the extra
quilts available for easy access. I'm going through the
house, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, getting out all the
cobwebs in the corners, de-cluttering, putting away the
summer decorationss and slowly putting up the autumn
decorations and a few of the Halloween ones. I have to go
through my quilt and needlework books and decide which
projects I want to try to finish and put up.

John called from work to tell me he may be working a 16-hour
shift today and perhaps also working two 16-hour shifts next
Tuesday and Wednesday, which are supposed to be days off.
This means we will want to do our shopping on Monday. I
need to start making lists.