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2003-02-20 06:27:10 (UTC)


AAAHHH! today was a decent day, compared to some. it was
lame though. oh well, it's better than being a poor old
hobo in downtown. i am too random.
juli - "my pants are really big and they keep getting
danica - "maybe because you stick too many pickles down
your pants."
god what the hell?! i say things without thinking and then
regret saying them. AAAHHH! juli is the only person who
gets it. that's why i love her so much. like last night,
when we were discussing what we would be when we were grow
juli - "i'm going to be in the navy."
danica - "oh yea? well, i'm going to be in the freak show,
and marry a chimp and become a greek clown."
RANDOMOSITY. i love you juli! haha, well, i don't know
what to talk about, bedtime.

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