I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2003-02-20 06:00:12 (UTC)

Ten Dollars Short

Yeah, so I get my day off for school, come back to work,
and they've lost ten dollars of the change fund. Well,
they lost eleven, but I found one dollar of it. *sigh* I
was disappointed at work today because of yesterday, and
then the money was missing and then I cleaned up somebody
else's shit in the restroom today because there isn't
anyone else who'll do it. This is the SECOND time I've
done that. I told my boss that I had better get my raise.
He told me that he put it in. We shall see.

I dunno. It's just odd. He was still just as touchy feely
today. Maybe it's just him showing off, because he sure as
hell wasn't like that when we were alone. At least it
wasn't akward. That was a good I suppose. I can't believe
how disappointed I was/am.

A bunch of us (well, those of us with uterus') are going
out tomorrow night to kill brain cells. I plan on killing
the ones that have spent too much time analyzing (heh,
anal) this damn situation.