The Stranger
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2003-02-20 05:35:17 (UTC)

a whole can of peaches

Gert yelled at me tonight i sat on the phone and ate an
entire can of peaches. she said i should be ashamed of
myself. i guess i should be a little ashamed it was a
pretty big can but hey... i felt like peaches. heart burn
sucks and so do all these "reality tv" series' on prime
time now. for example "the bachelorette" 1 girl 25 guys
6 weeks = the perfect equation for DIVORCE!! how in the
hell can you decide out of 25 guys in 6 weeks the man you
were "meant to be with"?? come on we have enough
disfunctional families in the united states these days why
glamorize the perfect way not to start a relationship.
PEOPLE ARE DUMB!! they take everything the wrong way and i
really think its ridiculous. and as for this whole Saddam
Houssien thing. WHY IS HE STILL ALIVE ?? yes lets give him
ample time to totally get the united states in the ass! i
think bush needs to do this:
give the entire country of iraq the absolute worst
strain of the achy fever stuffy nose sneezy cant
breath cant move coughing so bad you wake up the
neighborhood Flu imaginable
while their defenses are down invade iraq and hunt
down that bushy faced bastard and put him in a cage
somewhere very very far away from any and all people
and take control of their country
that wasnt too difficult but does anyone listen to
the redhead?? nooooo lol:)
im really hungry and what sucks is i cant find anything in
the kitchen that tickles my fancy grrr
i think they should manufacture oreo creme in a squeeze
bottle Damn the cookie i just want the creme annd a gallon
of milk i think they should seriously consider that ahh
think of all the happy pregnant people with their oreo
creme squeeze bottles and 2% milk WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WORLD !!
Graham did you feed your fish today?
i want some spaghetti and meatballs yes that sounds very
my gramma is going on vacation!!! yayayyayay no amah for a
week ! no cigarette smoke for a week :):)
so what sounds better wheel chair ice hocky or wheel chair
water polo ? im torn i really am.
hey andria my littlest sister is a freshman and shes going
to try out for the musical at her high school "cinderella"
not the version with the mice and the bibbity bobbity boo
but the rogers and hammerstien version. i know shes going
to get a part shes got such a purdy voice
anyway im out for tonight need sleep