A Day In The Life Of Me
2001-09-27 09:34:20 (UTC)


I almost wasn't going to write an entry, but considering I
couldn't sleep, I guess I'm just going to rant on about
something before I go off to bed.

I like a lot of girls. The thing is, they don't like me
back. (Or at least they're pretending they don't). I think
if a girl likes a guy as much as the guy likes a girl, they
should both ask each other out or whatever and quit playing
hard to get, or whetever it is you girls do.
If I was interested in a girl, I'd like to know if she was
interested in me before I get too attached and have to get
my heart broken several months down the line. And what's
this about "I wasn't serious. Just playing around"?
Couldn't you have just told me in the first place that you
didn't give a damn about my feelings in the first place?
Why make things any harder than they actually are?

Now that I've vented a little steam, I think I might give
sleeping another try. If not, I can always run to the
pharmacy and grab me some sleeping pills.