Writings On The Wall
2001-09-27 09:11:06 (UTC)

Same shit, different day.

Today was, to say the least, interesting. It started out
sucky like usual and then when my bro got home from work we
went to Hops and I got my steak! It wasn't as good at usual
so I was kinda bummed. But then I came online and I was all
happy cuz Carmen was on. So she and I are talking and I'm
telling her how much I love her as usual and her friend
Darlene IMs me and says "I think you're cool so I'm gonna
tell you something." and I was like "Ok" so she says "Carmy
is a player, she plays girls and she likes this girl
Jessica and Jessica is probably gonna ask her out and I
know she'll say yes so I just wanted to tell you that." I
was crushed! I mean, I know Carmen isn't mine anymore, but
we are always talking about the future and how we are gonna
be together and her ex-gf is gonna have a baby and she
wants Carmen to be a big part of it's life and Carmen says
to me last night "I'll steal the baby and she can be ours."
So I was all happy that she said that she would have a baby
with me and all and I was going on about how great it would
be if we could be together and then today Darlene tells me
she's all into this other chick Jessica, and they are more
than likely gonna hook up. Maybe it's selfish, and I want
her to be happy, but I just felt like a goddamn fool, ya

But then Anthony and Nicole came over and she brought this
big tin of Legos (Don't ask me why) and we made ameture
Homer Simpson porn. And gay porn! Hahaha Imma put the pix
on the net!! Homer in "Penthouse" ! and it LOOKED like
Homer too!! Then we ended up making french toast, and mind
you it was 2am. That didn't quite work. It went a lil awry!
Anth broke into the Reese's PB cups and used the cup paper
to black out his teeth. It was quite interesting! I was
laughing my ass off while thinking *Ok, HOW old are we??*
LOL But it's fun to be a lil silly like that sometimes. All
I'm saying is I'm glad we didn't have any Play-Doh or Silly
Putty around!! THAT could've been fatal. Anth flipped over
in the recliner and his shirt was caught in the crack
between the butt cushion and the back cushion and it was
choking him, meanwhile Nicole and I are rolling on the

I just got Aimster! It's very nice!! Nice files I'm getting
here! I'm going to hell, I swear!! LOL Aimster is Oh
so yummy!!! Well I g/g!!

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