Stream of Consciousness
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2003-02-20 05:07:56 (UTC)

chess speach

Welp, i just wrote a speach, paper, whatever. on how to
play chess! thats right. im the biggest dork this side of
loser land. anywho, should be fun. im going to go nuts up
there in front of everyone, im going to look like a fool.
but fuck it, i drew number fucking 4 and if anyone who
dosetn have to give thiers tomorrow says anything im going
to give them a close up of the crack of my ass.
I stopped by the VK today. spoke with my manager. she
hinted that she would like me to be a closer, i dont know
about that though. there are plenty of reasons why i
wouldnt want to be a closer. #1 closers work with new
people and new people suck. #2 closers dont get more hours,
at least i wouldnt. im one of thier best employees so they
already work me the maximum they can, they even pair me
with new closers who arent as good as i am.
#3 all that fucking money. who wants to have a job with a
safe and thousands of dollars they must handle every night?
not me. i dont want a job that can land me in jail on a
felony charge just for a mistake.
change of subject, i had Dev, Psych tonight. thats the
lcass with the hot chick that i sit next to. she has a BF
but hey, its a hot chick...and im sitting next to her...and
she laughs at my jokes....BUT NOT TONIGHT! i feel like an
asshole complaining about this, but another chick, i guess
she could be considered hot, but not as hot as the hot
chick (i dont know either of thier names, im so god awful,
they will now be reffered to as "hot chick1, and hot
chick2" hot chick 1 being the hot one, yeah you got
it...nod your head.) so anyway, hot chick 2 sits next to
me, and there are FOUR empty tables around use, count them
1, 2, 3, FOUR! and she sits next to me. the reason i feel
like the biggest asshole in the world is, im complaining
about a hot chick sitting next to me. but i was trying to
work my mojo on hot chick1! hot chick2 is ok, but she isnt
my type. whats wrong with me? im a walking stereotype.
anyway. tonight we had to do role playing in class, she was
the 17 year old mother of my(18) baby, i had a 9.95 an hour
job and she wanted to go to night school. "go" and we
argued for about 3 minutes. it was the worst thing in the
world because it is every guy, and im sure girls worst
nightmare. i was glad when that was over. but it allowed
for plenty of fl;irtashis eye contect with hot girl2 and it
also gave me a platform for everyone to see me smile and
show off my dimples. i know what your thinking, "fag"
right. well first of all go to hell, and secondly, hey i
know its my best feature, or at least one of my best. i
realy on the dimples to real them in because once they get
a taste of my personality wich on the surface appears to be
confrontationl, i need an anchor to keep them docked in
port, you know what i mean? after a few rough weather storm
dock at port Adam, they will see that my rough verbal
exterior is just that. verbal, it isnt who i am, i argue, i
dont even know im doing it, but when someone says "knock it
off" i always do. anywho. im out