REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
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2003-02-20 02:47:41 (UTC)


today was really really funy lol. I woke up at 11 haha,
and then i went over vanessas at like 12. yep and i got
hope at...5! at vanessas house we played her drums for a
lil while and then we went outside to skateboard. i TRIED
to teach her how to manual and ollie but that didnt work
out well lol right vaness? hahha, for her ollie she was
like this close on getting it but she kep on falling
hahhaa it was great though cause she was like OK OK IM
GONNA GO IT! and she does it and like jumps in the air
while the skatebard doesnt move. she like jumped in the
air and liek fell flat on her face. After that we went on
her driveway...its really really deep i mean like on a
slant. So we went all the way on the top of the driveway
and we rode down. On vanessa's turn she was half way down
the driveway and tehn i see a car i like flip out and im
like HOLY SHIT OMG CAR CAR CAR CAR!!!!!!!!!! hahha and
vanessa like dives onto the road LMAO and she falls. and
shes like dazed out for like 10 seconds and im jsut
standing there thinkin...uh oh! lol and then she gets up
and is like all wierd and shes likle "MY ARMS HURTS
HAHAHHAH MY ARM HAHAHAHAH". her sweat search was like
drenched with slush and stuff so we came inside and she
went upstairs to change and i went on the computer. i got
on and then all of a sudden she screams saying "HOLY JESUS
haha i like fell off my chair. So then she comes down and
she was all knoced out and stuff and she said her elbow
was hurting so we sighned off and we wrapped an ace
bandage on her arm lol it was soo funny. After that we
went down to the spy house lol. well we wanted to go to
the beach and stuff so we decided to go around the spy
house itwas dsoo funny cause the snow was soo deep and it
was so cold. and when we got near the dog we had to like
walk through this parking lot thing that was full of mud
lol haha and we ran through it and our jeans got alll
dirty and stuff. thenwe came back and jus chilled and i
went home. When i came home i just chilled ofr a bit
watched some tv and tehn i got one of my bright ideas LOL.
i went into the carge and took a big piece of cardboard
wrapped it in a garbage bag and went outside. i took a
shovel and i made this huge hill and pored water and stuff
on it so it became ice and then i slid down it! it was soo
fun! after that i had another bright idea to like snow
board!!! i know how to snowboard i was on a skiing team
and snowboarding team last year. But w/e anyway i like
snowboarded witn the little sldish thing it was great! it
was fun fun fun! and i came in at like 845 i was out
theere since 530 LMAO...any way that was my really fun

mad love