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2001-09-27 04:14:07 (UTC)

Making friends - facing the toughs

Today I worked to serve. I was there even there wasn't
business. I knew new people and knew the place they work.
Later I talked to my friend in outside street.
Other friends of her was so occupied that didn't appear.
So I was her truly company beside and quiet as I am.
I try to communicate that I was her good friend and hug her.
So I faced the real toughs. How much I show as friend the
false friends faced me. I must be better than I used to
show to support my friends. Tough people only are among
friends to guile and apart them. When words don't work
action does the best. I will have a very occupied day.
With a little time I will make company to my real friends.
May I have to make some kind of defeat to toughs. Once I
showed me to my friends I need to hear what they are saying
too. May I need to use some feelings. It would void rational
actions but make best in friendship. I could recover friends
from a first breakout telling the true and facing with some
feelings. Other side my internet friend Moon makes me some
happy. She addopted a last eden petcat. It forgave some kind
where every people that lost a beloved pet could have
some complaim.