Nick's Journal
2001-09-27 06:59:51 (UTC)

Music and My Dad

I'll be the first to admit I know shit about music. I know
that I like some and hate other. I can't tell you why....I
just do. I know people that can describe music to a "T",
these are also the same people that have very specific
music tastes. So basically if you were to put me on a
ladder with these people in terms of musical integrity,
they wouuld be on the top rung, and I'd be tangled in the
lowest rungs.
As stated I know what I like, and that's all there is. Now
you may be asking yourself how does my dad tie into my
music preferences? Well.....I don't know maybe it's the
Big K cola.
If you listen to any of my descriptions of my father you'd
picture him as a complete ass who has an unbelievable
temper. I mean sure he pulled a dumb ass, obnoxious,
college frat boy over the counter, and made him cower in
the corner, yelling at him, but I mean come on, we all know
those guys, and I KNOW that most people would love to do
that. But who really had the balls to do something? My
dad. The guy was a complete ass to us, and most fathers
(that i've seen) would just mutter and leave. But when the
dumbass told my dad to "go fuck yourself" under his breath,
my dad reached across the counter and brought him and his
preppy sweater over in a heap. Sure you're saying that's
stupid, agression is stupid, hot head, idiot, what is he
trying to prove? You know what I have to say to you all is
I'd hate to have YOUR father.
My father enlisted in the Indian Guides with me (for those
of you that don't know what it is, it's when a father and
son act like indians...go on camp-outs etc.). Well all the
other fathers dressed up like indians, with their head
bands and make dad came to the first camp out, in
a sweater, jeans, huge hunting knife, and hatchet. Every 6-
8 year old there adored him. He would chop down helpless
trees and carry them to the fire for lumber. After this
the other fathers would follow sheepishly in his wake. I
saw the picture of our Indian Guides dad's the
only who seems to have any dignity. I play football and
basketball with my dad alll the time. the two of us would
have one on one games for hours. He was never a father
that had to "do something important", i was always # 1.
I"m the only one i know wiht whom he can play golf and not
go apeshit on. He calmly teaches me, and has patience, he
doesn't degrade me or roll his eyes. This means so much
when it's from a guy that chases old couples off the golf
course if they don't play a par 3 in his alloted time of 2
NOw as for the music? Well let's put it this way. You
know that song "somewhere out there" from an american tale?
that spielberg movie with the mouse? well he took me to
see that, and i loved it. i dragged him to see it atleast
30 times, and each time he went. he always had to take a
lot of business trips back then, and i sometimes didn't
seem him for nearly months. over the phone (neither of us
are good on the phone), we would sing that song, instead of
conversation.....dorky? trite? cliche? overly sentimental?
not to a 6 year old who can listens to the song 24/7 so
that he can "correct" his father, and have that be the
achiement of his day. another song that reminds me of my
father? cats in the cradle by ugly kid joe, just because it
wsa one of the first songs i remember my dad "blasting".
when i asked him if he was worried that he would piss off
the other "cars" he grinned and told me that he didn't give
a damn (it was also the first time i remember him cussing
casually to me). he hates some of my music, i hate some of
his, but bottom line is we can relate/talk about the songs
we love. we can blast them, and be on top of the world
together (no superficial conversation necessary).
i could be embarrassed by my dad. i could get all red when
he goes off on some guy/girl. i could hide when he talks
to my friends because i'm afraid he'll say something
stupid.but i know he never will. my best friend drew went
to jail for a year for stealing cars, he came to austria
with us three times, and my dad refers to him as his third
son. he treated him no differently when he came over. he
doesn't treat me like an imbecile, thinking that i will
rever to "gang-like" behavior. he knows that he can trust
me and he's open to everyone of my friends. there's not a
one he doesn't like. he makes the usual dumb dad jokes,
but he pulls them off.
so this is a thank you to a guy puts obnoxious frat guys in
their places. a guy who chooses his kid over anything else
in this world. who will pretend he's an indian for a
weekend, so that his son can run relay races. a guy that
waits patiently and taped my Legend of Zelda run in which i
finally beat the damn game. a guy that didn't complain
when i brought in a stray, disease ridden cat and claimed
it as mine. a guy that blasts music and doesn't give a
damn. a guy that can get a neighborhood full of kids to
come over and help rake the yard, hang up pictures, and
prepare dinner in exchange for him cutting down a tree with
his hatchet. and finally a guy who no matter what others
ever think i will always love and appreciate as my father.