Fuzzy thoughts
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2003-02-20 02:37:30 (UTC)

I need more duct tape

There seemed to be a lot of protests on Saturday. It's all
they talked about on NPR, in any case. (I'm an NPR addict,
sorry) Turns out it was Official War Protest Weekend and
silly me, I scheduled a work shift. This being a college
community, we of course felt obligated to join in. Not we
we, I was in work all day, but you know, a sort of
community "we." Erm, yes.

Anyroad, as a result of the happy little gathering, the
sidewalks on campus were all covered with chalked slogans
come Monday. (still are, actually - if any of you snowed in
east-coast folks want to send a little moisture our way, we
certainly wouldn't complain any) "NO BLOOD FOR OIL!"
and "SAY 'NO' TO AGRESSION!" and the like. Pretty standard
rhetoric, I think I even saw a "Make Love, Not War" out
there somewhere.

What cracks me up, is that some of the "patriots" on campus
decided to chalk a counter-protest. On the sidewalk leading
to the steps of the student union, someone has written "Now
Entering Potential US Target." If I wasn't having so much
trouble getting my lungs to work, I'd have busted up
laughing the minute I saw it. As it was, I just stood there
staring at it, shaking my head. Come on people, is that the
best you can come up with? Some sort of vague threat that
Saddam is suddenly going to blow up the union on a campus
with 10,000 students in a town with 25,000 people with his
magically invisible "weapons of mass destruction?" Well
Holy Hell, I'd better grab the duct tape and start sealing
up my apartment now, I had no idea we were so important.

I'm all for political commentary. If you have something to
say, say it! Get out there, assemble, petition, do your
thing! But is there some sort of law against doing it
intelligently? Honestly, do we really think we're going to
sway the masses by chalking peace symbols on the ground and
quoting forty-year-old chichés? Or by spouting threats even
vaguer than Mr. Bush's orange alert? I feel betrayed by my
generation. Apparently, those enough with the brains to
compose a coherent argument (and the courtesy to refrain
from marking up our sidewalks yet again) were at work that
day. Go figure.