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2003-02-20 02:13:48 (UTC)


Peculiar you
So tempting and unusual
Sweet irresistible you
How could I not fall for you?

Strangers love you
And angels adore you
I would do anything for you
Even stranger not to love you

Everything is too loud when you’re not around
The world spins by and all the colors are a blur
I feel so fragile beneath the heaving ground
I closed my eyes and took a dive

Strangers love you
And angels adore you
I could be anything
Anything you love

If I could have only one possession
Just one thing to keep with me
I would choose your heart
You are my obsession
You are always on my mind
Breathing without you tears me apart
You are my token of desire
If I said I could live without you
Then I would be a liar

Because strangers love you
And the angels adore you
No one could ever come before you
All I want
Is to love you

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