2003-02-20 02:01:19 (UTC)


i was bored so i thought i'd come on here and type
something. my baby went out to a b-day party so i'm here
alone and no good movies r on tv. i admit i think this
whole online jounal thing is a lil weird, having everyone
able to read about my life, o well. ok so here's the deal
one of my friends has really been gettin on my nerves. he
keeps telling me he knows who he's gonna marry yet he's
not allowed to tell me but he keeps hinting to me that i'm
the one. so now he tries to hang out every possible
minute. he comes over all the time uninvited and calls me
at least 6 times everyday, i mean man my baby doesn't even
call me that much... nor do i want him to. it gets to the
point where its just like 'leave me alone already'. he
calls me just to tell me what he's doing and what his
problems r. anyway he called earlier this evening trying
to explain a new problem. the guy that is living here for
a bit till he gets back on his feet(Nick) saw that i had a
real annoyed look on my face so he took the phone and
pretended to be me as this guy kept explaining his
problem, then Nick finally gave in and just told him that
he was on the phone and not me. i nearly pissed myself
laughing so hard. i was literally on the floor rolling
around while i was listenin to the advice Nick was giving
him. it had absolutely NOTHING to do with this guy's
problem. i sure owe Nick a HUGE favor, the guy hasn't
called me back yet. i've actually been able to enjoy the
peace for a bit. ok enuff on that subject. i've made a
decision to try and recommend a song with each entry, so
for this entry it will be "girl all the bad boys want" by
Bowling For Soup. so here's a lil more about me... i love
to watch hockey on tv (flyers all the way), i play in a
band, love penguins, in love with a gorgeous man named
Damian, i'm out of high school, i live on my own(except
for Nick, he's stayin here till he gets back on his feet),
i have a dog and two cats, and that is all the info i'll
give u for now. God Bless. until next time........pinkster