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2000-11-08 15:47:35 (UTC)

11-8-00 wednesday John came..

11-8-00 wednesday

John came over last night to watch the finale of realworld with me. The election thingy was on too, and I was really tired of my parents
and my sister Pam talking about their view on politics.. I just wanted to stuff my head in a pillow. Thats when I made John come over
to save me.. haha.. We sat in the den watching realworld, Pam switching back and forth from the election coverage (mtv has long
commercial breaks.. probably their shows are actually 15 minutes long) I accidently hit John in the head.. Apparently I laughed in his
ear.. and it was the laugh he hates.. He says I have a squeaky laugh that hurts.. I didn't know I had done that laugh until he looked
disturbed at the opposite side of the couch.. I asked him what was wrong, and he explained. I wish he would tell me when I do that
laugh then I would know what to change.. Then I started hitting him in the leg, play hitting.. Well, then I come to find out I was hitting
him on his hurt knee.. Then I felt real bad.. Cause I was only playing.. Anyways, he's not mad at me or anything.

On Sunday John asked me if I wanted to be his date at a dinner at his church.. Ok, I am his girlfriend, am I supposed to tell him to
take someone else?? It was just funny I guess, but I guess he was just trying to ask me if I wanted to go :)

He got a new job at his church, which means we'll be spending less time with each other. But it could be a good thing for us..

I had to take pam to school this morning.. She wasn't a grump like she usually is in the morning.. hehe

Stacey is in the hospital with pneumonia.. I saw her monday night, and she was quite sick, she was all red, and she had a 108.3
temp, and she was shaking like crazy.. Me and keri went up there and brought her a card, and some playing cards, but the playign
cards werent regular cards, they were pinocle cards or something like that so we couldnt play cause we dont know how to play that.
I might go up there today with a stuffed animal or balloons or something.. I mean, if I was in the hospital I would want someone to
visit.. especially considering no cable. haha

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