All That I Can't Leave Behind
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2003-02-20 01:42:23 (UTC)

EPAA - Part V

>And you know,
>Although no one told you to,
>And you found out where you were going:
>Where to.

sometimes you don't need anyone at all. You figure out what
you are heading to...Sometimes you don't even know you've
found your way, but you have

>And you're through with me,

Yeah, moving on, slowly, unbelievebly sometimes, but
surely. The process is lenghthy...

>But I know that you'll be back for more...

You're wrong... I may come back and bite off a few good
bites here and there, like a fish. Yes... But I am not
coming back for you- I will be back just to gather the
remnants of those good times we had.

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