2003-02-20 01:30:50 (UTC)

life has its ups and downs

well yesterday i mainly hung out with bridget....and we
were at my house cause she slept over the day before...and
we were on her sn and some weird sn ims her..and is like
dont ask who this is so she said ok then what do u
want...and they asked for my sn and bridget told them she
was at my house and they said well i need to talk to her
alone so she left the room and he made me sware on seans
life that bridget wasnt in the room and not to tell any
one...not a single person.....and thsi person was like its
brandon(he is senas best friend who we thought died in
january) well he then told me the story of why he did it to
sean and i started to cry cause that is messed up he told
my boy friend..who i am engaged to that he died and it
tursn out he didnt and he wants me to lie to him like i
dont know anything.......i couldent do that so i started to
cry and bridget came back in the room and is all worried
cause i am crying...and sean could tell i wasnt my self and
somethign was wrong so he was i told sean
about the sn...and he is like only 3 people have the
password to that sn cause he made it up..and the only
people were him owen and brandon..and owen is in china and
sean was on his sn.......and he was like oh shit what and
him and bridget were all confused and i wanted to tell them
so really really bad.......but i knew i coulde
but they kinda guessed without me telling them so...sean
then called and brandon picked up the phone and i am grrrr
because why was he going to let me walk around with that on
my sholders.......but then i finally told everyone
else...and bridget chrissy and cat were pissed....but w/e
who cares i dont wanna think about it any more then we all
went to play in the snow and we froze our butts off...and
we all tackled each other...we jumped out of trees in to
the snow off benches and a really really big
dumpster.....we had so much fun....then today me and
bridget woke up early we had everythign planed to go to
white plains to see sean but......WE GOT LOST!!!! it was
horrible old drunk guys were hittign on us it was
horrible........well i have to go bye bye