Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2001-09-27 05:45:16 (UTC)

Poem - "Disillusioned"

I woke up today wondering why
Everything just passes me by.
Bent on seclusion,
Suffering from confusion,
So determined to try
To live the lie
That I'm just fine here in my cave,
That I don't need to be saved.
Seems like every time I take the chance,
Starved for lust and romance,
Something goes wrong,
So I just move along
To another no-name town.
"What's got you down?"
They ask with a frown,
And I turn around
And slip away,
There's nothing to say,
And all the while
Concealing a smile.
Trouble is I can't sense
If it's real or just self-defense.
Should I jump back in and give up the act,
Or just run away while my pride's still intact?
They'd love it if I came home
And decided not to roam,
If I quit disguising my face,
Always looking for a hiding place.
But Father Time has made up his mind,
Can't go back to what I left behind.
And it's self-perpetuating,
There's no use contemplating
Why they don't invite me along
And why I don't know the words to their song.
Sing all you want folks,
But it might be a hoax
Just to distract your attention,
But you don't need my intervention,
So I bid you farewell and depart with a sigh.
I may not find peace, but I have to try.

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