My *Daily* Nightmare...
2003-02-20 00:39:37 (UTC)

Im dying to live...

FRIENDS.. J! haha. yeah anyways..

MARDI GRAS IN :: 2 Days!

What is goin on everyone? its 5:46 in the shit city of
Allen, Texas.. where absoutly nothing is ever going on. I
had a SHITTY day.. i was REALLY tired all day.. i mean
like.. WOO..gone... I just wore some jeans and a big over
sized sweatshirt *which i look hott in btw.. lol..*
opposed to my usual.. holy jeans and.. bracelets. heh.. it
felt kinda weird not havin 34 bracelets on each arm.. but
dont worry.. theyll be back tomorrow.
Well. Satan was in a good mood last night when Callie was
over.. and she agreed to take me to get my nosed peirced!
im like HELL YES. its gona be great. i was about to do it
with a saftey pin.. but she stoped me.. and i was kinda
weirded out by all the blood also.. so yeah. but its gona
be great. haha. but you just watch.. shell pull out
somehow. yeah. but when my friends arnt around.. satan can
be so freakin physco... i cant stand her. she went through
all my shit.. and when she found stuff.. she acted as tho
she was shocked by it! *gasp* .. what a whore. But.. now
a days.. everyone is being a whore. Friends i thought i
knew.. i didnt.. Friends i thought i had.. i lost.. and
people i thought were nice.. and now total bitches. but
hey.. maybe its for the best.. i dont need people to drag
me any lower then i already am.. im already past rock
bottom and still falling...
As scotts sn would put it.. Im dying to live.
Thats where we start.. right now.. im sittin in my *dark*
room.. its now 6:30.. bc ive been fighting with satan for a
good half an hour. she doesnt let me have any privacy. she
reads all my emails.. reads ALL my notes.. randomly gets on
my sn just to see who i talk to and why.. shes crazy.. she
threatned to take my door away again.. *is it just me. or
is this only in allen?? if u live in other places.. will
your parents like.. take off ur door like they do here?!*
its mad.. just bloody mad... If she would just ask.. maybe
id tell her something. but she takes it upon her self.
UGH.. its fucking sick. Well.. ive gone and depressed
myself again.. Arg. Bye.

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