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2001-09-27 05:35:34 (UTC)

youre asleep on my foot. and..

youre asleep on my foot.
and youre beautiful.
and i love you.
its amazing how innocent a person can look while theyre
shes beautiful.
and i love her.
homework is not fun.
im not sleepy.
i should write that other paper
but i know that shes tired.
and i dont want to make her stay up...
i wonder sometimes.
whats going on in my life.
and then i just tell myself not to freak out..
and to just take each day.
and do what i can with it
but i have a problem
i need to plan
i need structure now.
my foot has been asleep a long time.
i think im hungry.
im waking her up now...
i wish i could just watch her sleep forever