Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2001-09-27 05:29:56 (UTC)

Another Haiku, Writ in Chaos....

A Cascade Ruin...

I fall with arms wide
My long reach into darkness
Scarred without wounding

Smooth talking sweet lips
I watch with glibness her eyes
Soul now awaken

Danger screams little
Your heart beating lies awake
I watch without tears

I reflect eyes shut
Twilights and whispers
Bittersweet laughter

Swooping and dancing
Our hearts sharing and beating
happy and joyfull

Heaving and panting
Forbidden fruit now taken
Slowly but surely

Passions thrust dying
Slaked love unbound runs free
Unfettered lust

Darkness comes hither
Slithering corruption weeps
Fading ambrosia

My minds eye watching
Dogging the weave of love lost
Forget her best gone

Running through waves
Crashing yet falling face first
Tangled brambles

Standing yet drowning
Scattered memories live
Sadness creeps onward

Dreams sweaping skyward
Lifes blood pumps inward again
Sweat breathes life anew

So I sleep anew
Flying fling yet so empty
Sexual freedom

Lonliness creeps in
Momentum and forgiveness
Burning desires flow

Wakeful yet hopeful
Somber wind finds my soulmate
Gorgeous ruin
here I wake
across the moons kiss
heaving heart

shunned love
whipered with lust
crushed soul

dying breath
summer wakefuness
passions rise

fallen days
enamoured mind
time's lost wind

tearful dreams
faint smile with wonder
kissed lips

Copyright © 2000-01 T.F. Coles

An unfinished Tale, written, and still written, some day I shall
complete the story...