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2003-02-19 23:44:23 (UTC)

elastic bands and paper clips

....elastic bands pulled back with paper clips,
shivering eyes, *snap* broken skin...

As the months went on this little boy was broken...
They had tied him up, banged him up and let him be,
cornered him in the classroom....pelted him with wooden
chalk erasers...a broken boy, the walking dead...

...and one day on his way to class, one of the kids
descided he would pull an innocent prank and pinch the boys

...the boy snapped, throwing the bully to the ground
he in a blind rage bounced the bullys head off the floor
like a basketball.. it took 3 teachers to pull him off the
bully that day...all he could see is red...

the principles of the school didnt want to deal want
to deal with adam that day...so they moved him to another
school close by. From one small town to the next...