Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-19 23:37:13 (UTC)

I'll Be Better As Soon As I Am Able

Eagle eyes may be able to know where that title came from.

I missed this out.

Five most painful parts of my body right now. (As at
1. Left elbow (Collision with a housemate on the football
pitch. He came off worse. No, really, this has built up to
2. Soles of my feet toward and under toes. (Worn away skin
to almost blooeding levels)
3. Calves. (Ache. They do that).
4. My back and neck (A shock, to be so low)
5. Chest. (Its just so shattered. I'm destroyed).

WILT? Don't Pass Me By. I love the next song sooo much. I
shouldn't. Its short, simple and a bit crappy, but I love
it. (Why Don't We Do It In The Road?)