Thoughts and Feelings
2003-02-19 23:35:17 (UTC)

Relationship color

your relationship color is Purple

This means that you tend to be a cooperative, passionate
partner who is able to balance your own firmly held beliefs
with strong negotiation skills. You're not one to keep that
special someone in the dark about your feelings. In fact,
you'll usually do your best to fully communicate any
emotion you have. Most times you think that it's better to
talk frankly and openly about problems or concerns, even if
that talk leads to a heated discussion. It can be very
important to you to feel comfortable and listened to when
sharing your inner life with the one you love. Ordinarily,
you'll return this courtesy by listening deeply to your
partner's opinions and emotions, as well.

People with compatible relationship colors tend to bring
out the best in one another because their approach to
relationships is harmonious. But if you're with someone
whose relationship color clashes with yours, you're headed
for more challenges than most.

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