Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-02-19 23:08:45 (UTC)

What's Been On My Mind Today?

Lots of things. Firstly whether I represented my phonology
properly in binary form this morning. Then the fact that
it was really cold and my nose was really running quite
hard, and I had to keep sniffing, which was really
uncouth. I didn't like that.

It didn't help that I was then faced with 30 minutes of
blood from nose action, followed by too long sleeping then
a whole three hours footballing, before coming home,
bathing, watching some football, being upset by a
referee's fear, and then flicking over to Channel 4 to be
a touch upset by the Sugababes demeaning themselves by
being on Graham Norton's show, and then demeaning me by
singing their cover of Sting's 'Shape Of My Heart'. Great
skin, though, two of them.

Mainly though it was this. It's gonna take a while.

Teams such as Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United.
All European big boys. Fair. Why are they? Because they
won the European Cup in the annals of history. That was
when a team had to win their league to be in the Champions
Cup. No more.

Now, a team has to be rich and getting richer to be in the
Champions League. How about this for an idea? The team
that wins its national league goes into the European Cup.
Good idea right? FC Dudelange could be in there. Rosenborg
could be. Celtic might be. IT WOULD CHAMPION TEAMS.

Yes, some very rich teams would not get their £200 million
of revenue that year. They don't NEED that money. They
would just have to scrimp and save; Cut wages, not buy
excessively, improve in other ways. Gradually the TRUE
football teams would shine through, in say 15/20 years
time. It might be what you expect. It might be Munich,
Ajax, Gaziantespor and Crewe. It could be ANYONE. And
whoever it is won't be the best forever.

Everyone would get a fair crack of the whip. There would
be a point supporting a team who aren't doing well,
because they could come good soon. The game would be back
to being about football, rather than money. That would be
a good thing.

Oh, and the turd on Virgin Radio who spent an hour trying
to tell us that the White Album is good. We know. We don't
need some pandering Disc Jockey to point out the obvious.
Now go.

Oh, and van Nistelrooy should've been booked for his shirt
antics. Yellow card, I'm afraid.

WILT? The White Album. Its really good, you know. Some
REALLY good songs on it. (I am actually listening to it).