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2003-02-19 22:49:03 (UTC)

gosh im a nerd

ok. so i reread all of my entries after about 20 nagging
emails from this crazy site.

what should i fill you in on? for christmas, i got a fender
acoustasonic 30, and in january i bought myself a hot
little acoustic takamine. im less than three months away
from getting one beautiful piece of plastic (not a credit
card, silly; my freaking drivers liscense!), and i think i
may explode before my birthday. my sister broke up with her
boyfriend, and erin (my friend) is one lucky chica: the guy
she likes likes her too (!).

rob and i just (erhem) celebrated our 5 month anniversary
on monday. ("erhem" because nothing was celebrated; we just
watched it pass with a quickie phone call. which brings me
to my next topic of discussion...)

i think i want to break up with him. the romance has been
taken out of us. all he wants to do is make out, and he
told me (and later took it back) that 60% of the reason he
was dating me was because of how i look (which, HONEST TO
GOSH, isnt good). that really pissed me off that he could
be that dishonest with me. i would rather still be
inexperienced in the area of kissing than have this face-
sucking fiend for a boyfriend. i feel that ive lost my
sense of humor with him, and, once again, im blowing off my
homework because of him. true, im still a silver card
holder, but theres a spanish test tomorrow, and another one
in history, and... and... and... and he doesnt listen to
the lyrics when i sing him songs, and... and hes just a
stupid, stupid boy and im an even stupider girl for
believing that, not just one moment, but for five months
that he was in love with me. im humorless. absolutely

hes my priority; im his option.

well, i feel a lot better now that i just told that to no
one in particular. thanks for reading this far. well, sorry
again for being so unfunny. (im a nerd. what can i say?)
like a fat kid in dodgeball, im out.