2001-09-27 03:53:52 (UTC)


oh my god! LA and GM BOTH cut their hair! oh well they are
still so damn fine! but in class today GM was playing with
this bracelet thingy of mine! it was sooo cool! i was
like "omg he touched it!!" childish i know! but oh
well!!!!!! oh and in a magazine it said guys subconciously
(sp?) point their toes and torso towards peeeps they dig!
ohhh and they were like towards MOI! hmm i wonder if he
really likes me! dude thatd soo fuckin rock! i mean the
only really hot person that has ever ever liked me was
JD...but then neways if GM liked me then we could go to
HOMECOMING! instead of me sitting at home on my ass with
ben jerry and ronald mcdonald! ha! so i gotts ta run babe!
talk ta ya alls laters!