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2003-02-19 21:31:14 (UTC)

Good day

On Sunday I went to the gym, got there around 2.20pm. I met
an old friend from college, Jale (pronounced Jah- Lay, a
very nice Turkish girl). I chatted to her about stuff,
mainly about me and whats been going on in the past month
with me. I was on the tread mill next to her and after
about 10 minutes went in for my reassessment.
My body fat is 9.7% (average for my age and height is 12-18%),
I was so happy, all my hard work had paid off ^_^. I
went and showed her around the gym for a bit and carried
on talking.
We talked about many things, mainly uni, our friends etc.
She was telling me about her life, why she goes to gym and
how shes coping in life. I told her everything about me and
she was real happy for me ^_^. I go to the same gym every
Sunday and I have yet to seen her until then. I'll be sure
to get there around her time to chat some more.
I left the gym feeling really good about myself, more
confident and real happy that I all the time I spent has
led to a good result. More days like these please ^_^.
Moral: If you put alot of hard work into something it can
and will pay off. See ya