2003-02-19 21:30:19 (UTC)


ive just moved from toronto back home in the east
coast to what i call the "spa". Its so commatose that you
almost become intranced with yourself, surburbia where do i
begin... Growing up in a small boarder town in the east
coast could be enough for some people, for myself it was
just the beginning of a strange story of acid, punk music,
and an adventure i never thought possible... most people
start off when they are born, my life began at 16...

To summerize the childhood of the average american
dysfunctional home of abusive father and mother, an
agraphobic brother, cat, dog and the occasional hampster...
then there was me...

The short little brother that no one really new what
to do with...feathered hair and dark rimmed glasses... my
body for the most part had taken the form of a thanksgiving

It was a dark day in junior high school...the kids had
pushed, shoved and had mocked this quiet boy who had
volunteer at the library every wedensday afternoon... "Fag"
had been there name for this one particular child, daily
beatings had become a ritual, and tears had been the music
that had lulled him to sleep every night...

Walking past the smoking area, having the kids put
cigerettes out on his neck, legs and arms...

"I can still feel the stings as if it were

Urine, feaces, and the occasional bottle of chanel
being dumped over his head every day at school, his self
image dropped rapidly...


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