lauren s

..always something new..
2001-09-27 03:26:03 (UTC)

entry#7... bored and tired

Hey people im really bored and very tired. I went to
cheerleading tonite. Nothing happened. It was very umm
boring. Uhhh I dont know really what to say. Actually im
just writing to keep me awake. Im waiting for my songs to
finish downloading. That new song from cityhigh is cute. I
dont know what im doing tomorrow. I dont know if anyone
will call me to do anything but i know i have to cheer
again so umm thats basically my life. I dont know Its this
really expensive and time consuming sport but i love every
minuite of it .. more or less... Ummm actually Im pretty
much done for the night so umm ill letcha go


P.S thanks for everyone who writes to me, I like hearing
what you all have to say and some of the stuff you write
helps me a lot. Thanks Again!!!