Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-27 03:16:50 (UTC)

And Tarah rested...

Wed- my day off, and my parents went to Cincy all day. What
did I do to entertain myself?, you ask. What do you think?

Hi. I'm Tarah. Miss Clean America.

I did good today man. I cleaned 4 rooms. Here's the really
exciting part tho.. I rearranged the furniture in the
living room. hehe:) Yeah... I thought that my parents would
freak when they got home, but to my surprise, they're
reaction was "Tarah, the living room looks really nice
sweetie!" Yay. I was sooo built for interior design. I have
a knack for it.

Church, the only "outing" for the day. It was nice tho.
Mike asked us in class who we thought the greatest speaker
in the Bible was, and Ash F. goes "Umm.. Well, I think
Jesus was probably up there." haha:) Me and Ash were
like "Yeah.. he was ok. I guess he had SOME good stuff to
say... a few good points.. here and there." haha.. ehh... I
guess you just had to be there!

I made Mark mad tonight on AOL. He said he could be a model
and I said "For what? "Grandpa's latest fashions"? So. he
gets ticked, and kicks me off, with this special "power" he
has. He apparently has a special code. Whatever. He did it
4 times until, finally my computer froze. He got offline.
He sucks.

I got my card from Erin today!!! yay! I was excited. She
sent me pictures too. I loved them. The card was great too.
It said "Top Ten reasons you're my friend". Number 8 -
We "get" each other. Number 4) We both like to make fun of
other people. haha.. that's us:) Me and Erin.. we're buds.
Gotta love her.

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