2003-02-19 20:59:54 (UTC)

thinking aloud

Has anyone ever felt like they r the luckiest person
alive? I know that's certainly how i feel lately. i found
this perfect guy for me. i won't get too into that yet.
some new friends and i started hangin out more too, so i
feel really blessed to have such great friends and an
awesome guy. ok so for all u ppl reading this that don't
know me too well i'm a real outgoing person who loves to
chat and hang out with ppl. i'm a christian and go to
youth group and church every sunday but don't let that be
what u judge me on. i don't judge other ppl if they r a
different religion, i respect it to the fullest. anyways i
got way off topic(i do that a lot). i listen and play
music. i'm a fan of all kinds of music except opera and
pop. I'm a big fan of 80's rock and stuff like that. well
back to this perfect guy for me- he is the sweetest man i
have ever met, he knows how to make me laugh too(very
important with me), gorgeous smile, and killer eyes. He
has the smile that can melt ur knees and the eyes u can
get lost in for weeks! he knows just the right things to
make me feel special and put a smile on my face. he also
has this cute lil accent that drives me wild. i've never
been so in love with someone b4 and it kinda scares me cuz
i haven't know this guy very long, but that's not gonna
stop me. everytime i talk to him i get this natural high
and it feels so great. i think i've found my soulmate and
it feels so incredibly awesome. ok ok i'll stop rambling
on about him for a bit. hmm so what else has been goin on
in my life? o yea... my band has been recording a demo and
it should be finished sometime next week. then i'll try to
post some on the net for all to hear. music is a big part
of my life, when i'm not singing it or playing it then i'm
listenin to it. two great songs u should all listen to
is "867-5309(jenny)" and "jesse's girl" both by Rick
Springfield. those r some of those 80's songs i
was talking about at the beginning of this entry. if
anyone would care to chat with me my aim sn is
chckbassplayer24. just tell me this is where u found me.
if anyone has problems i've been through a lot and i can
help out. if anyone is in NJ in the middlesex county area
check out our youth group friday night @ 7:30 Abundant
Life Christian Center. everyone is welcome there we don't
turn anyone away. and just to put down any rumors u may
have heard all christians do not hate homosexuals. i know
a few ppl who thought i hated them cuz i was christian and
they were gay but that is NOT the case. until next
time...the pinkster