Sarah's Journal
2001-09-27 03:04:19 (UTC)

I m in the computer lab,..

I'm in the computer lab, waiting for my laundry to be dry.
My monitor still won't work . . . Adam thinks it might have
to do with my video card. He wants me to swap it with
another video card to see if it is my monitor or the video
card. I'm not sure which I'd rather it be. I hope not the
monitor - I don't want a new one to be my Christmas
present, I want a digital camera.
Missy and I are ok again. Don't ask.
It is actually HOT in this lab. There is a window open,
though, so occasionally there is a slight breeze. I Have
about 10 minutes, so this may be a long entry . . .I am
warning you.
So, I had all this listening stuff for my Rock and Roll
test tomorrow and it's on my computer. But, if you haven't
caught on by now, I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING ON MY MONITOR!!, so
that does me shit.
I am wearing my duck pajamas. I think that they are cool.
If you don't, you can kiss my ass ;-)
I cleaned my room! Well, part of it at least. I have a
floor. and an under my bed. honest! Nick doesn't believe
me, I'm going to have to prove it to him later.
I am kinda tired, but kinda not. I think that tonight I
will have some chocolate chip cookies and milk. yummmmm!!
and maybe I will watch my Friends video . . . no, I think
Marcia has it. Remind me to get that back.
I miss my sister. As usual. And the rest of my family.
Oh well, I am surviving. Mostly what I miss about home,
however, are my hot tight jeans, my gloves, and my winter
coat. I am a freeze-baby. I have like no fat, what do you
So, I guess I should get my laundry. mmmmmmm, warm
laundry =) I LOVE warm laundry! Especially when it
smells like mine does when it's done - Snuggle Fresh
Rain . . . yummmm!!!!!!!
Ok, have to be done now. need to get laundry. bye!