Deb's messed up life
2001-09-27 02:55:29 (UTC)

Just got back from youth.

At the beginning, ya know, when I first got there I was in
a good mood. I was all fired up and just ready to
worship. But as soon as worship was over and it was time
to sit down, I got into a bad mood again. Courtney just
makes me so mad. She was all feeling up on Aaron right in
front of me to make me jealous. I know she doesn't like
me, but that doesn't mean that she can just come in and act
like Aaron is her boyfriend or something. HE'S NOT!!!
Aaron likes me more than he can ever like her and we are
closer than they could EVER be. She thinks that I am just
gonna walk away because she has the right to him or something, I
don't think so!! I'm not backing down without a fight. I know he
loves me, and I have nothing to worry about. I got him
right where I want him. She's just more pitiful and more
un-nice than I thought she was. But that's ok, I can play
her game...and I will beat her at it, that wench.