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2001-09-27 02:39:48 (UTC)

"If you want to shoot the monkey, just aim for it."

Well today right as I was changing for P.E. the fire alarm
went off...again. Why the hell does it constantly go off
first period? I swear to god. I would be perfectly
content if it went off during Physics or Algebra II or
something, but no, it always has to go off while I'm
changing in P.E. I also found out that my P.E. teacher
doesn't like "girl sports" and has decided that instead of
playing volleyball (the one sport I'm actually good at), we
will play football out in the freezing ass cold weather.
What an asshole. We talked about topics for our editorials
in journalistic writing today and ended up having a lively
conversation about disgusting babies and families who leave
shit (literal shit) in the sink. That was...interesting.
After lunch today I was getting in my car and I put my
drink in the cupholder and started the car up, and my
friend started screaming and threw open the door on the
passenger's side, jumping out. I then noticed that there
was a bee in the car, and it was really enjoying my drink.
I'm terrified of bees (and obviously so was my friend), and
the only way to get the bee out of the car was to get the
drink out of the car, but since the bee wouldn't get off
the drink, we were sort of stuck. My friend tried whacking
it with the thing to scrape ice off your windshield, but it
just flew around a bit, so we grabbed the cup out of the
car then and threw it across the parking lot. Finally
after about 9 minutes the bee got out of the car and we
hauled ass into the car and slammed the doors shut. Bees
always want to harrass me while I'm driving. But it did
give me a fairly good idea for a topic for my editorial. In
physics we got our tests back and I actually got a B on
it. I was so relieved. I just have to work my ass off on
extra credit to pull my grade up to one my parents
will "tolerate". We also watched a movie from the 60's
about trajectory motion, and they showed us that horizontal
motion does not affect vertical motion due to gravity in a
very...unique way. They showed us that if you were to
shoot a monkey up in a tree and it let go right when you
pulled the trigger of the gun, that you wouldn't have to
aim under it or below it, but right at it because of
trajectory motion. Wow, I am finally enlightened. Today's
lesson? If you want to shoot the monkey...just aim for it!

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