keeping my hands in the air
2001-09-27 02:35:35 (UTC)


i think this idea is really cool...well, a couple days ago,
i talked to this guy friend of mine who i have liked for
almost a year...on monday nite, we went to memphis for a
church trip w/ some other ppl and on the way back, he was
kinda, i dunno, i laid my head down on
the window and he started rubbing my shoulders and i asked
him to give me a massage...well, he did and then i was
really stressed out bout school and everything and he was
comforting me...he kept tellin me it was alright and he had
his arm around me, but we were about, i dunno, as far away
from each as...well, it wasn't very far, but i wasn't up
close to him or nething...i kinda got the idea that i
should move in closer, but i didn't cuz i thought he was
just comforting me and might've freaked if i did (i know,
crazy idea)...well, i talked to him on the internet the
next day, and he was acting all horny and stuff... he was
telling me things like, "i kept wanting u to move
closer...i dreamed bout making bout w/ ur hot lips..." u
know...stuff like that....then, he was like, "i wanted to
place my hand up ur shirt and maybe reach down ur
pants"...i asked him what he was smoking (even tho he
really is a nice guy...honestly)...and we talked bout
making out for a lil bit and we both flirted w/ each other
online...well, before, earlier in the summmer, we talked
bout making out and were almost close to almost making
out...well, then we left and all i could think bout were
the lines when he told me "i just wanted to hold u
close"'s real complicating and i really do like this
guy a whole friends tell me i could do so much
better, but the thing is...i want this, i don't
want to have sex w/ him, but i do honestly like him, and i
wanna know what he thinks...*sigh